10 Brands With Great Packaging

10 Brands With Great Packaging

Beautiful packing makes receiving your order that much more special. There is a lot of effort that goes into designing intricate and meaningful material that either ends up on the outside or inside of the item(s) you purchase. As we delve further into 20222 we aspire to create sustainable and exciting mailers that our customers get enjoyment from — because receiving your goods should be a memorable experience. Here are some brands we think are going above and beyond for their audiences with stellar packaging. 

Skims Embossed Packaging

Kim Kardashian has been able to create a brand that is on top of creating luxury shape wear and loungewear at an affordable price. Her subtle yet staples pieces carry the same vibe to her packaging using their embossed logo as the focal point on their kraft mailers. 

Le Labo Magazine

 Le Labo, which means “the laboratory” in French, is a perfume brand that takes its inspiration from the various goings-on of a perfumer’s lab. They pay extra special attention to the experience their perfumes bring, hand-blending and bottling each perfume in- store, labeling each with a created date and location, and allowing the customers to inscribe names or personal messages on the labels, each order gets a special copy of this exclusive magazine.


Seavees Tissue Paper

With a groundbreaking advertising campaign throughout the 1960s, SeaVees pioneered the transformation of the sneaker from gym shoe to casual shoe. Using this story they trace their history on the tissue paper they use to wrap each pair of shoes, mixing the old with the new.


Aritzia Seasonal Envelope

Every season has something to offer, Aritzia understands this. With varying artists and photographers having their work displayed on paper envelopes it gives a new look to their brand every time they switch out their mailers. It makes opening up a new item that much more intriguing as you might not know what to expect if you haven’t ordered anything recently. 


LuluLemon Complimentary Tote Bag

Every time you purchase something from Lululemon you can expect a free tote bag in return. These bags are strikingly branded and can be seen from far away is none other than their coveted gift with purchase add on. 


Happy Socks Storage + Packaging

Happy Socks implements its creativity into the packaging design. Their patterns are very lively, often inspired by the particular series of socks. They are designed to perfectly fit a pair of socks. If you order a large amount of socks they then come in a box with a transparent window. The company’s smart packaging allows it to become a storing solution too.


Girlfriend Collective - Eco-Friendly Inspiration

Design also means inspiring use of materials. Girlfriend Collective is a company producing high-quality clothing for women. The company’s unique value is the utmost care for the environment and the objective to produce clothes out of 100% recycled materials.


Glossier Seasonal Sticker Package

Who doesn’t love freebies? Glossier is able to switch up their seasonal stickers with fresh new designs making these sticker packs collectables. Their audience has  grown to love these expected bonuses when they purchases making their user experience that much more special. 


Vinebox Single Serving Wine on the go 

Vinebox delivers a curated selection of nine single-serving bottles of wine every season. This striking bottle design and size is perfect for sampling and discovering your next favorite wine varietal, but doesn't compromise the actual wine quality. The glasses feature a patented bottling technology that preserves the taste and quality of the wine for up to three years, and they're fully recyclable.



Oatly Advertising on Carton

As a small company in 2014, Oatly made its packaging its main advertising space and it was the right move. Various customers now instantly spot its blue, brown, and gray containers and playful font peeking out of the fridge of their local coffee shop and breathe a sigh of relief that the precious oat milk is available. The clean packaging reflects the healthy, pure ingredients of the milk, while the spunky illustrations and copy hint that this is no ordinary milk. 



What brand has your favorite packaging?

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