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Mr. Monks "Monkey"

Mr. Monks “aka” The Sweet Monk, Monk, Monka, Monkey crossed the Rainbow Bridge Tuesday, October 12th peacefully in the arms of his devoted mom while...

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Frank Landes 2005-2019Frank clearly believed he was a dog, not a cat. He came when called and greeted everyone at the door. Frank always loved...

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Layla "Shmay"

My family had Layla from the time I was 12 until I was 22. She was the first pet I remember having and she was...

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Lucca left this earth December 13th, 2021 in the arms of his loving moms and by the side of his devoted brother, Vorno. Born on...

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Ally "Precious"

Ally was my precious Black Lab mix and she was 12 yrs old when she crossed the rainbow a few months ago. She was my...

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Sheba, a Siberian Husky, was loved by her real owner Craig Alciati and our entire family which took care of her for the last 8...

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Jet "Silky Pony"

Our Silky PonyJet was such an integral part of our family he ended up with 4 different names. His official name was Jet, but that...

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Thomas, my first fur baby and forever soul mate.When I moved from MN to LA for fashion design school I would visit a puppy boutique...

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Bella was the sweetest yellow lab I had ever met. Always full of energy but had a calming sense that would always put me at...

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Rainbow Bridge Poem

There's a special place our dear pets go
When their time on earth is through.
The Rainbow Bridge, not far away,
Makes all our pets brand new.
Their health restored, they wait for us
Just this side of heaven.
Then when it's time, we'll reunite
And cross the bridge together.

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