Jet "Silky Pony"

Our Silky Pony

Jet was such an integral part of our family he ended up with 4 different names. His official name was Jet, but that morphed into Jeff because an uncle with a challenged hearing converted Jet to Jeff. We then converted that to Jeffery. Last but not least his coat was so shiny and smooth that he became our “silky pony”.

He was the first family dog after a long string of cats and intense, relentless begging by the kids. He spent 13 years melting our hearts and becoming the 5th Beatle (people over 60 will understand this reference). He was the perfect gentleman from the day we got him. When we would drive the 7 hours to visit our son at college he would insist we bring Jet too. Sometimes we thought the kids really came home to visit to see Jet and we just happened to live with him.

When he was diagnosed with cancer we were all devastated. He got progressively weaker and lost his appetite, but right up to the day before he passed, he would instantly light up and be full of energy (for a short time) when he saw the lake. He LOVED to swim and it was so great to see him swimming and chasing balls that last day. We knew it was his time to go, which broke our hearts, but seeing how happy he was that last day helped ease the pain a little and gave us a wonderful lasting memory.

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