Should dogs wear clothes? Insight on the controversial topic.

Should dogs wear clothes? Insight on the controversial topic.

"...The ethics of clothing pets is a debatable topic. On one extreme, some feel that dogs are dogs and should not be regarded as people or that it is inhumane to make an animal wear clothes. Others are comfortable dressing their dogs for every life occasion, a different outfit each day. 

When deciding if fashion is appropriate for your pet, consider his likes and dislikes, his personality, and his needs. Do not force any dog to wear clothing, especially a nervous or timid dog. If your dog seems to be indifferent about clothes or he enjoys wearing them, it may be reasonable to dress him up from time to time. If your dog needs to wear some type of protective or warmth-providing clothing, be sure to introduce him to it in a calm and reassuring manner. 

Though wearing clothing is not natural to a dog and some want nothing to do with it, many dogs do adjust the idea. Some just tolerate it. Some appear completely indifferent. Others seem to soak up and thrive on all the attention their outfit brings them. The answer to "Is it right?" really depends on the dog and the situation."

Read the full article here.

Written by: Renae Hamrick, RVT

Source: Pet Place


We recently came across this article on Pet Place and felt compelled to share it with our customers. This is a topic that we have always felt sensitive to and believe Renae Hamrick's article via Pet Place hit the nail on the head. 

The reason we started Dog Threads was to create quality clothing that fit our dog's personality -- which we simply could not find anywhere else. Some may laugh, however, if you have a dog that you are connected to, it is safe to say you know their personality. Our dog, Thomas, is a very human-like Pomeranian Poodle that is charming yet spunky. He is like a little man to us... with tons of character and uncontrollable hair.

Thomas has worn clothing since he was 6 months old. No, we do not dress him everyday or when it is hot out. We dress him for special occasions -- or when he's going to see his Aunty Megan. Wearing clothes has always been an exciting event for him and never a scary one. We ask that our customers be mindful when dressing your dog. In our opinion, you should pay attention to your pet's likes/dislikes, their comfort level, and always make sure they are naked and free when they are not supervised.

If your dog enjoys being dressed up like Thomas, we've got you covered on their next party shirt! Shop our Hawaiian Print Dog Shirts here!

Check out this video of Thomas getting dressed for Thanksgiving! 

-Dog Threads



Check out Pet Place for more articles relating to Dogs and Cats.


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