Secondhand Hounds Photo Shoot

Bagels. Coffee.  Clothes.  And... five little visitors from around the metro area (well, kind of... if you count Blaine and Farmington). A great way to kick off a Sunday morning.
Earlier today we held a photo shoot at the Casket Arts building in NE Minneapolis, featuring adopted dogs from the local animal rescue organization, Secondhand Hounds. What made these little pups even more special was that they were also "foster failures," meaning their foster families couldn't bear to give them up and ended up adopting them permanently. Guess failing is a good thing once in a while because the owners of our miniature models certainly weren't short on love and care for these dogs.  
The pups traded turns trying on our various designs, strutting their stuff in front of the camera. There was a little bit of stage fright, but nothing a a few scratches and a lot of doggie treats couldn't take care of. We got the feeling some of them were feeling pretty good in their new gear. We ended up with some killer shots for our collection, met new friends, and had the opportunity to hear touching stories of how these lucky dogs had a second chance. A definite success (and before the Vikings game started, so an even bigger success). Looking at the collection of owners who graciously brought their dogs today, you can be sure our little visitors have a happy and healthy life ahead of them. Thank you to Secondhand Hounds and their lovely 'foster-failure' parents and pups for being a part of our very first lookbook!
Stay tuned for small bios on each our new friends and their families!
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