4 Ideas to Treat Your Dog-Loving Friend

4 Ideas to Treat Your Dog-Loving Friend

We all know someone who’s completely obsessed with dogs. You know the ones—they show pics of their pooch to you at every opportunity, and can’t help but share their latest antics. Whether they’re a family member, friend, coworker, or someone else special in your life, sometimes you need to find them the perfect gift. The thing is, gift hunting can be challenging, and it’s certainly not something you want to get wrong! 

So what gift can you give your dog-loving friend that they’re guaranteed to love? Here are a handful of original ideas that are sure to please.

1. Matching Outfit

There are few gifts that scream “perfect for dog lovers” more than a matching owner-dog outfit. Not only is this a gift that really shows you recognize the love they have for their dog, it’s also a completely original gift too! Most dog owners have no shortage of the usual dog items like toys and bowls, but few would have a matching outfit with their dog in their closet.

At Dog Threads, we have tons of matching outfits to choose from. Simply choose a set that best reflects your friend’s personality and style (as well as that of their dog!). If you’re after a safe choice, your friend will find it hard to take off one of our matching Hawaiian print shirts. They come in all types of fun prints, including palm trees, flamingos, and even bananas! Other stylish options include our plaid and flannel shirts and our oh-so-cool baseball top

2. Bandana Scarf

If you’re after another fashionable gift that won’t break the bank, a bandana scarf is a great idea. Like our matching outfits, our scarves can be enjoyed by owners and their four-legged friends alike. We have a gorgeous range of bandana scarves, such as our elegant ‘Dizzy Daisy’ pattern, which features bright yellow flowers and spots. The ‘Luxe Leopard’ pattern is another excellent choice, particularly for anyone who loves to rock animal print. 

Did we mention that our bandana scarves are 100% silk? There are, in fact, many features which make our bandana scarves and our items at Dog Threads special. For example, unlike many other dog clothing brands, each of our items is ethically made right here in the USA. So if your friend is not only stylish but also socially conscious, you’ll be able to doubly impress them with your thoughtfulness! 

3. GPS Collar

Does your friend always lament about how they need to constantly search for their dog who has a mind of their own? Why not treat them to a GPS collar for their dog? It’s a practical present that they’re bound to use on the regular, if not every day. So what exactly is a GPS collar? It’s a clip-on GPS device you can attach to your dog’s existing collar or a collar with an in-built GPS that will track your dog’s whereabouts. 

As you can imagine, GPS collars can save dog owners significant worry. “The moment you realize you don’t know where your dog is can cause significant distress,” says Angela Stringfellow from Pet Life Today. “It’s for this reason that a GPS collar is the perfect gift for any dog lover,” she says. “You will basically gift them a future free of the stress, time, and effort it usually takes to find their dog every time they dash off or can’t be found.” How’s that for an innovative gift?

4. Chocolate Bouquet 

If you’re after a gift for your dog-loving friend that isn’t dog themed, a gourmet chocolate bouquet is a delicious idea. Think of it as an upgrade from a normal bouquet of flowers—in the place of flowers you’ll find scrumptious handmade chocolates. They represent a simple but powerful way to convey just how appreciative and thankful you are to your friend.

There are many arrangements to choose from, varying in the selection of fruits, chocolate, and accents offered. There are even flower-shaped fruits that feature in many of the arrangements! As you’re sure to find one that aligns with your friend’s tastes, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with this gift...that is, unless you accidentally gobble it down yourself! For an extra thoughtful touch, consider attaching a heartfelt card as well.

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