Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 2024

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers 2024

Doggies Composition Book

Hand-painted from his studio in Brooklyn, Mr. Boddington reinvents the classic composition book. Now off to French class you go!

Matching Dog and Owner Sweaters

Cozy matching knits for dogs and people that donate to rescues.

Pet Carrier for Small Dogs

The home away from home that your dog deserves! This airline-approved dog carrier is spacious, and comfortable. Not recommended for dogs over 16 lbs 

Matching Bandanas

Matching with your pup or not — our lightweight bandana scarves can be worn on your pup, in your hair, on your bag, and more.

Dog Breeds A-Z Dish Towel

Featuring an A-to-Z of dog breeds, this dish towel makes a perfect gift for a hostess, dog walker, or furry.

Dog Ramp

 this 40 Inch ramp for years and it has been used in many different locations within the house or even loading dogs into the vehicles. It's 40 Inches long and is adjustable from 14" to 24" and is made to withstand up too 240LBS

Fur Bebe Pet Shampoo

The ulti-mutt pet shampoo for hydrating, cleansing, and adding shine to your BFF’s coat. 

Matching Hoodies for Dog and Owner

The lifestyle brand for dog people spreading awareness for the #adoptdontshop mission. Join our club of good humans :)

Snuggle Puppy

Whether they're new to the family or just going through a tough time. Snuggle Puppy will cuddle and comfort your four-legged fur baby! Naturally calms by mimicking a warm, comfortable, furry best friend.

How to Speak Dog Book

Between wagging tails and unexplained barking fits, it can be hard to decode exactly what a pup is trying to say. That’s where these How to Speak Dog cards come in. The 100-card deck will help them understand their pet’s body language, allowing them to better communicate with their furry friend.   

Deodorizing Pet Candle 

Think fresh cut grass, savory sage leaves, and subtle agave notes that bring you back to spring days outdoors. Your dog has a nose that’s 1,000x as powerful as yours, and if they could speak, they’d probably thank you for choosing this candle.

Matching Pajamas for Dog and Owner

Cuddle-worthy loungewear for pups + their people. Shop cozy sets that donate to animal rescues.

Dog Mom Crewneck

The ultimate crewneck for her. Gift it to yourself or win your dog mama over with this super soft sweatshirt — featuring a tonal DOGUE screenprint.

“I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse” — buy this embroidered baseball hat and become your Dog Father’s favorite person. 





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