DIY Modern Dog Clothing Rack

Curious how we made our simple + modern copper pipe clothing racks? Here's a step by step guide on how we built our own dog and people matching shirt display racks at Dog Threads HQ.

Note: you could easily use these instructions and materials to make different variations of the rack to fit the size you need. See photos for inspiration below.

Materials Needed:

  • Copper Pipes from Home Depot in the width you like best. If you can't find these exact lengths in-store you can buy a simple hand held tool to trim them to the size you need.
    • 4 x 59" copper pipes
    • 4 x 11.25" copper pipes
    • 2 x 41.75" copper pipes
    • 2 x 14.75" copper pipes
    • 6 x copper elbow fittings
    • 4 x copper tee fittings

Assembly Steps:

  1. Trim the pipes to size if needed.
  2. Assemble the bottom of the rack:
    1. 2 x 59" copper pipes
    2. 4 x 11.25" copper pipes
    3. 4 x copper elbow fittings
    4. 2 x copper tee fittings
  3. Assemble the vertical sides of rack:
    1. 2 x 41.75" copper pipes
    2. 2 x 14.75" copper pipes
    3. 2 x copper tee fittings
  4. Assemble the 2 horizontal racks to vertical sides:
    1. 2 x 59" copper pipes

That's it! You've completed your first DIY Clothing Rack!

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