Fall Staples for Dog Lovers

Fall is here which means your wardrobe probably needs a revamp. The cooler temperatures call for an outfit to keep you warm but we want you + your pup to still be stylish. At Dog Threads we have the perfect solution for the in between temperatures and easy outfit ideas — our sweaters and flannels. 

Fall fashion is important to us because we want you + your pup to be the most fashionable duo wherever you go. So we wanted to show you some of our go to styles right now: 

Great Plains Flannel

Credit to @drruthmacpete on Instagram

Campfire Flannel 

Credit to @shatkybobarky on Instagram

Lonesome Pines Flannel + Aspen Ski Sweater 

Wild One Sweater 

Choosing an outfit is so much easier when you know you want to match with your pup and thankfully we have so many looks to choose from. Whether you want to layer our pieces to have more warmth or wear them on their own — we make the best statement outfits. Your pup deserves to be comfy, stylish, and warm for the brisk weather ahead.

Twinning with your pup in our fall wardrobe is a must this season. 

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