Home Goods for Dog Parents

As a dog parent, there are several essential items and considerations to ensure your furry friend's well-being and comfort. Here's a list of home necessities we are getting for our pups as dog parents:

Ceramic Food and Water Dog Bowls: Spruce up your dog’s dishware with our premium ceramic dog bowl set featuring our custom engraving. All bowls come in a set of two. Donating to homeless pups with every purchase. 

Dog Bed: Provide your dog with a comfortable, supportive bed to rest and sleep. Make sure it's the right size for your dog to stretch out and relax.

Dog Crate: Provide a safe and comfortable space for your dog to retreat to when they need some alone time.

Harness/Leash: Easy all-in-one harness leash for small dogs that wear clothes. No harness holes needed.

Training Treats: Perfectly sized training bites to reward your pup for all of their good behavior. 

Grooming Supplies: Regular grooming is essential for your dog's health and appearance. Have a grooming brush, nail clippers, and dog shampoo ready for grooming sessions.

Enrichment Toys: These oversized play objects are made with a teddy plush fabric to stay super soft for the mouth while durable as well being reinforced with a thick backing layer underneath. This plush texture of this fabric makes it so cozy and will also last after washes.

Remember that every dog is unique, and their needs may vary based on factors like breed, size, age, and health condition. Always prioritize your dog's safety, comfort, and well-being when providing these home necessities.


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