How We Plan To Be Sustainable

How We Plan To Be Sustainable

The fashion industry is unfortunately filled with a lot of waste. We want to do our part to change that. As a small business in this industry it is always a focus of ours to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible. Our ambition since the beginning of Dog Threads is to leave the industry cleaner than the way we found it.

Ways we're doing good for our planet.

01. We continue to offer transparency in our manufacturing process, and you can always count on your threads being ethically made.

02. When shipping out your order our mailers are made from 100% recycled contents and are fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

03. The first launch of our reusable tote bags was a success as we continue to push our audience to use these bags in place of single use plastic for their everyday needs.


Sustainable Dog Apparel Company | Dog Threads by Good Thomas

04. Over 200 million dogs are homeless worldwide, it's our mission to change that. That's why every purchase donates to non-profit animal rescues, because all dogs deserve a loving forever home.

05. At Dog Threads we don't like waste — so we use our scrap fabric to create upcycled dog beds, which we donate to shelters, giving their pups a comfy place to sleep.

06. Effective immediately, we promise to discontinue all hang tag production for our goods as a part of our commitment to make smarter decisions for our planet. Hang tags use natural resources like paper, create pollution, and is an unnecessary cost to brands and consumers.

07. We recently launched our [RENEWED] collection of up-cycled goods in fresh limited edition hues. 


These are the pillars that guide our decisions and bring us joy in creating premium quality goods, for you and your family. We hope our products bring a smile to you and your furry friend's face for a lifetime to come.


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