International Women's Day

International Women's Day

International Women's Day is a time celebrate the achievements of women around the world, and motivate a call to action for progressing women's equality. 

We have made a list of mission driven women lead businesses to celebrate International Women's Day, all the women who came before us to pave the way for more opportunities and choices for women, and to the future of all women.

1. Goldmine Adaptogens

Rachael Gorjestani, and Tina Hardison founded Goldmine Adaptogens to help manage the stresses caused by modern, fast paced living. To do this they collaborated with experienced herbalists to perfect their adaptogen powder. Their blend helps your body manage stress, heighten energy levels, and improve overall wellness. 

2. Modern Fertility

Carly Leahy & Afton Vechery teamed up to create Modern Fertility to provide women with the information and resources they need to plan ahead. With their at home ovulation and hormone tests women have a more affordable and convenient way to understand their fertility since all women fertility changes at different rates.

3. Beauty Counter

Beauty Counter was founded by Gregg Renfrew and is leading a movement to a future where all beauty is clean. Their products are free from harmful ingredients with responsible sourcing, sustainable packaging, and they are good for the climate.


4. Mejuri

Mejuri was founded on the belief that making fine jewelry doesn’t have to come at the cost of their values, communities, or our planet. Their beautiful jewelry is handcrafted with their partners who follow fair labor practices, and are part of the Responsible Jewelry Council, they also work with family-run businesses who follow their guidelines to create high quality pieces.


5. Daily Harvest

Life gets busy, and Rachel Drori found herself frequently sacrificing nourishing food for convenient food. 

"It was a symptom of the problem we all feel: we know what we should be eating to take care of ourselves, but somehow we can’t or we don’t—the world puts up more roadblocks than roads. I wanted to do something to change it—that’s why I started Daily Harvest"

Daily Harvest uses organic fruits and vegetables to make healthy frozen meals, so you can still have convenience without sacrificing nutrition.


6. Clare

Interior designer Nicole Gibbins founded Clare to make paint shopping easier and more convenient. Clare is a whole new paint shopping experience that provides high quality designer curated colors, swatches, supplies, and advice. 

7. Harlow & Gray

Harlow & Gray is a line of thoughtfully designed partyware founded by cousins Jeanne and Gloria. Gloria, an event planner, & Jeanne, a lifestyle blogger, started Harlow & Gray with the mission: "turn events into occasions and moments into memories."

7. Everybody.World

Everybody.World was co-founded by Los Angeles natives Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo. Their mission is to bring change to the fashion industry (the second most polluting industry) by creating basic designs that work for everyone using 100% recycled cotton.

The Sill | Houseplants for Delivery | Special Offer

8. The Sill

The Sill started selling exclusively online but now has brick and mortar stores on the West and East coast. They make it easy to care for a plant by providing care information and the support and knowledge of their team. Their goal is to make the experience of being a plant parent as wonderful as the plants themselves. 

9. Saged

Saged is an app created to be your resource center for Earth-based teachings and practices. With Sage you can find meditations, breathwork sessions, self care tools, and a supportive community to further your journey for mindfulness and spirituality.

10. Not Pot

Not Pot has created CBD oils and gummies to help you manage stress, and catch up on sleep (also some options for your 4 legged friend) and is sustainably sourced, USA grown, and gently extracted. Not Pot is also committed to help combat mass incarceration by paying bail for one person in need every month.

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