Our Friend Yana: Help Us Support Ukraine

Our Friend Yana: Help Us Support Ukraine

Our beloved friend, Yana, who used to help make your threads at her factory in Ukraine needs your help. After losing her home and business due to the ongoing war in her country, Yana has decided to devote her time and energy to helping the sick and homeless animals all over Ukraine that are in desperate need of food, medicine, and shelter. Buy a patch and help countless displaced animals and people. 

100% of sales from our patches will be donated for the next two weeks, ending August 5th, to aide Yana in any way we can. 



At Dog Threads it is our mission to help as many pups as we can. As all of you I am sure are aware the war in Ukraine is still happening and thousands of families and their animals are without homes and do not have the luxury of having access to basic needs like water, food, medicine, shelter and transportation. Adjusting to life that you may not go out past curfew and you are never really at peace because you hear the sounds of war all around you has become the new normal. Our friend Yana tells us she is just happy to be alive and doing her part in helping these abandoned animals as many had to leave behind their pets as they fled to neighboring countries.

Many people in Ukraine unfortunately do not see helping the animals as priority so they have been forgotten and left to fend for themselves. But Yana decided that she could not let this happen and she has been helping these pups ever since. She is not able to buy anything in stock, rather she is only to get what is deemed necessary for her family and the stray dogs she is providing for.

Yana's colleagues and friends have moved to Poland, Germany and Hungary but she has remained in Ukraine because it is her home. 

Not only is her focus in aiding these stray pups but her people in her community as she receives medicine for the many young women around her and tries to get anything that might be of use to the people who cannot provide such things for themselves. The Russian federation is occupying much of Ukraine; especially in the areas where Yana used to reside so she has been forced to move elsewhere.



“Throughout Ukraine, sirens are wailing day and night announcing an air attack. I even got used to them. It's a terrible sound. Rocket strikes are inflicted on all major cities. Last week, several rockets hit Lviv (I once wrote to you about this city, a very beautiful and ancient city). Now everything that used to be so easy and simple to do takes a lot of time. And vice versa, no matter how strange it may seem.” -Yana

It is next to impossible to send supplies into Ukraine right now and that it why it is so vital all of the proceeds from the patches go straight to Yana because when she receives these funds she is able to dictate on what items she can get for her pups and the people in her community she is supporting. 

The zoos in Ukraine are left in horrible shape:

“I spoke with several zoos. Basically now they need vegetables, fruits, crops, fresh fish, diesel fuel. I think that in each case it is necessary to speak with them separately. Since the situation is not predictable and can change at any time. Now all zoos have opened access for buying tickets to visit the zoo.” 

Gasoline Disparity:

“Throughout Ukraine, gasoline and diesel are in very limited quantities. In Kyiv, it is most difficult. To refuel the car, you need to find a gas station where it is available at 6 in the morning (it is forbidden to move around the city at night), stand in line (this can take several hours) and, if you are lucky, you can fill no more than 15 liters or 4 gallons  in one car. But we do not despair. Just adjusted to the new reality.”

Shelters in Ukraine: 

“Several puppies fell ill in the shelter - the diagnosis was enteritis. Medicines, diapers, and certain food are urgently needed.  No one is taken from the shelter anymore, as the animals are very old and sick. Unfortunately, people pass by such animals. They need special food for old animals and diapers on an ongoing basis. They now need help to equip the enclosures, buy bowls for food and water.

There is also a need for neutering for cats and dogs. This is a very acute problem. We solve it this way: we agree with the veterinary clinic to conduct mass sterilization (as long as the budget is enough), we buy this time from the veterinary clinic and inform the shelter that on a certain day they need to bring animals for sterilization. 

The shelters that I try to help all the time need drugs for worms and parasites.”



Cats Need Help too:

“There are a lot of homeless cats in Ukraine. And the humanitarian aid that now comes from abroad is 90% dog food. Therefore, we independently purchase food for cats and give them to shelters.”

We appreciate your support and we know Yana does too. ❤️


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