Paw-tumn safety tips for pets

Autumn is a season of abundance and it comes with its share of seasonal pet hazards. Follow these safety guidelines for an awesome autumn with your pet.

Food safe for the fall

From Halloween treats to Thanksgiving meats, with fall comes several holidays for sharing yummy eats—but not with your pets!

Keep curious pets safe from harmful snacks:

  • Keep a lid on it.
    Don't let pets snatch forbidden eats—keep a lid on the can and keep the pets out.
  • Leave counters clear.
    Be mindful of the countertops, especially when preparing foods with garlic, nuts or grapes, all of which are toxic to pets.
  • Don't feed leftovers or scraps.
    Human foods are too rich in salt and fat for pets, and can lead to upset stomachs, pancreatitis or worse.
  • Don't give a dog a bone.
    Bones can splinter in or obstruct the intestines and result in serious injury or death.

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