Plan the Perfect Dog Playdate

Puppy playdates give your best fur pal the connection and stimulation they need - and can't get from their human.
Before calling your fellow dog parent to schedule a get together at the dog park there are a few things to keep in mind. For everything from choosing a pupmate, a neutral location, to the ideal gear and treats. We've got you covered.

1. Try a New Dog Friendly Park

Meeting in a new location will help avoid territorial issues and is a great way to have a new adventure.

2. Call Up Their (Furry) Best Friend

Pick a friend who has a similar size and close in age.

3. Pack Some Treats

Always have some yummy treats on hand.
dog drinking water

4. Water

Staying hydrated is important, so remember to pack plenty of water and a travel drinking bowl. We love these portable sets by Highwave.

5. Supervision 

Some play can escalate into a fight, so always make sure to supervise and pay attention. If you sense one of the pups is becoming more aggressive, take a water break. 


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