Top 5 Dog Birthday Gift Ideas

Dogs should be celebrated every day for how much joy they bring to our lives, but to really make them feel loved on their special day, we’ve put together a list of dog birthday ideas that will really get them excited. Just remember, no matter what toy you buy or treat you give, your pooch is sure to think it’s the best dog gift they’ve ever received. That’s because dogs don’t care about crazy celebrations or puppy birthday parties, they just want to spend time with you. And that’s why we’re ranking good old-fashioned quality time as the #1 best gift to give your dog, but if you’re looking for even more than that, these 5 awesome dog gifts are sure to satisfy.


Top 5 Dog Birthday Gift Ideas

1. Treats Dogs Love

Feed your fur-baby a snack they’ll love and that their belly will appreciate from our friends at Fido’s Bowl. We’re big fans because they strive to make the best treats for dogs by using all natural and high-quality ingredients. These homemade dog treats make for the best birthday dog treats, because they’re not just great in taste, but great for your fur-baby’s health, making them our pick as a top choice for some of the best dog treats on the market.


Top 5 Dog Birthday Gift Ideas

2. Dog Birthday Cake

To say we’re obsessed with these dog birthday cakes is an understatement. Chances are your doggie uses their adorableness to their advantage on the reg, and here’s your chance to show it off. Your friends will love to see this amazingness on their social feeds, and your dog will surely vote this as the best dog treat they’ve ever had. The Spotted Bakery is killing the game when it comes to birthday cakes for dogs, offering a variety of options to choose from, all made with healthy pet ingredients. These cakes look so good we want a slice, and with flavors like blueberry, peanut butter, and banana, you might find yourself trying to sneak a piece from your pooch.


Top 5 Dog Birthday Gift Ideas

3. Cute Dog Clothes

This one might be a little more for you, but c’mon, is there anything cuter than getting the whole fam twinning? At DogThreads, we definitely don’t think so. With tons of matching outfits for your dog and now even a selection of bandana scarves for dogs and their owners, you can get your dog birthday gifts that benefit you, adding cute dog outfits to their wardrobe – and cute clothes to yours. From sweaters to t-shirts, we have great dog and puppy clothing options for every season and any breed.


Top 5 Dog Birthday Gift Ideas

4. Durable Dog Toys

Dogs love toys, and many also love destroying them. At West Paw, they’ve created a guide to recommend the best dog toys for your furry friend’s needs and play style. With a wide range of durable dog toys to choose from for our four-legged friends who like to fetch or even play rough, you can be sure to find one that fits your fur-baby’s needs. From fluffy dog toys for the gentle ones, to indestructible dog toys for the more aggressive chewers, we’re giving this site a 10 out of 10 for top dog toys.


Top 5 Dog Birthday Gift Ideas

5. A Fashionable Dog Bed

Every pup needs a cozy place to call their own. Get yours a comfortable dog bed they’ll love. Made in various sizes to fit every breed and stretched-out sleeper, these pet beds won’t just fit your dog, but your décor style. You can also make sure it stays clean by easily removing the cover to throw it in the washer. The Foggy Dog has done an amazing job of creating both functional and fashionable dog beds, which is why we’re giving them the spotlight for some of the best dog beds you can find. Purchase one of these cute dog beds as the perfect birthday gift for your pet and a perfect addition to your home.

These dog birthday gift ideas are sure to get you some slobbery kisses, but even more, your purchase will help animals who don’t have owners as awesome as you. We like to promote brands that aren’t just made for dogs, but made to help dogs in need, too.

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