Walk Essentials For Your Pup

When going on walks with your pup, we always recommend taking a few things with you so you’re prepared for any doggy surprises. Things we always keep in mind while walking our dogs are their comfort, health, and happiness. Here a few items we are taking along for our walk adventure. 

Whether you are embarking on a quick walk around the block or on an adventurous hike, keep your hands free while walking with a fanny pack. The expedition fanny pack can be worn in the traditional way or as a cross body bag. 

Try this reusable zip up bag instead of single-use bags to hold your pups to-go treats. This reusable bag is just what you need for holding treats while on adventures with your pup or for packing to-go snacks or meals. 

This water bottle for pups comes with a bowl to make drinking water on the go easier for pups + people. You only need one free hand to hydrate your pet on the go. We love this gadget because it is the perfect size to take on the go and seals to make sure no water spills.  

Our All-In-One Harness is perfect for smaller to medium sized pups. Condense all of your leashes and harnesses into one package with this adjustable walk kit. Add your dog's clothes underneath or keep it simple and wear it by itself. Available in 4 different prints — shop now. 

And just like that you are all set to enjoy a walk with your fur bestie!

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