Our Animal Rescue Partners

The Love Pit

This quarter our rescue partner is The Love Pit. Serving the Dallas area, they work to rescue, rehabilitate, and advocate for pit bulls. They've saved the lives of over 1,200 pit bulls and have found loving homes for 117 animals in 2022. They aim to educate the public about dogs that face breed-specific discrimination and promote responsible pet ownership. Learn more.

Turtle Mountain Rescue

TMAR operates in an underserved community where veterinary access is sparse and local animals are in desperate need of a helping hand. Turtle Mountain Rescue works hand in hand with their community to save thousands of animals each year. Learn more.

IFAW Ukraine Emergency Fund

This quarter we will be donating 2% of each purchase to Ukraine in order to support the homeless animals across the country who are in desperate need of food, medicine, and funds. Learn more.


Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

CCFBR was launched to protect French Bulldogs from neglect, abuse, loss of family and theft – rescuing them from animal shelters and puppy mills. Striving to educate about French Bulldogs and most importantly, placing rescued Frenchies into loving homes.

Learn more about us here.


Pet Haven MN 

Pet Haven strives to improve the lives of pets and the people who love them by rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming dogs and cats; reducing pet overpopulation by supporting spay and neuter efforts.

Learn more about us here.

Rocket Dog Rescue 

Rocket Dog Rescue, the name says it all. We are an all-volunteer nonprofit group dedicated to saving homeless and abandoned animals from euthanasia in overcrowded Bay Area shelters. We literally give them a second chance at life. And everybody deserves a second chance.

Learn more about us here.

Lucky Pup Rescue 

We are committed to saving as many homeless dogs as we can through community outreach and matching dogs to the perfect adopter.

Learn more about us here.

Dog Gone Seattle

Washington-based nonprofit organization dedicated to saving homeless dogs in high-kill shelters in Washington and beyond through rescue, foster, and adoption.

Learn more about us here.

Bunny's Buddies

Non-profit organization that transports slaughterhouse surviving dogs over to the USA in hopes to place them into loving new homes.

Learn more about us here.

Underdog Rescue 

Non-profit, foster-based, rescue group dedicated to the rehabilitation and permanent placement of homeless dogs and cats of all ages and all breeds. We are genuinely moved by each of the amazing animals who come into our care and we believe we are their advocates.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue 

We reach out to senior and special needs rescue dogs; find homes for those dogs that are adoptable; and offer end of life care for those that are not. 

Learn more about us here.

Yaqui Animal Rescue

To rescue, rehabilitate, vet, and find forever homes for as many animals as possible in the Rio Grande Valley. 

Learn more about us here.

Bahuman The Bahamas Humane Society

Committed to alleviating animal over-population and suffering on our island. We are the only animal welfare organization on the island, which encompasses 530 square miles and has the Bahamas’ second largest urban area 

Learn more about us here.

Muddy Paws Rescue

To build and support a thriving community of dog-loving humans dedicated to ending unnecessary euthanasia of companion dogs. We do this through shared learning and education, direct lifesaving, and continuous innovation.  

Learn more about us here.

MN Animal Humane Society

To engage the hearts, hands, and minds of the community to help animals.

Learn more about us here.

Minnesota Basset Rescue 

An all-volunteer group of Basset Hound lovers whose goal is to rescue bassets and find them a furever home.

Learn more about us here.

Lange Foundation

To date the two Foundations have rescued and placed over 27,000 cats, dogs and horses who would otherwise have been destroyed in overcrowded public animal shelters.

Learn more about us here.

Vanderpump Dogs

Dog rescue organization, working on both domestic and international fronts to help create a better world for dogs.

Learn more about us here.

Kauai Humane Society 

Dedicated to fostering respect, responsibility and compassion for all animals and enriching lives by nurturing healthy relationships between pets and people.

Learn more about us here.

Humane Society of the US 

We fight the big fights to end suffering for all animals.

Learn more about us here

One Tail at a Time Dog Rescue PDX

We believe buying an animal from a breeder or private person is never a good idea when there are millions of others still killed each year in this country alone. 

Learn more about us here.

Caring Hearts for Canines

Rescue and re-home dogs at risk of being euthanized in high kill shelters, neglect, abuse and to educate the public in order to decrease the proliferation of these unwanted dogs.

Learn more about us here.

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Serves United States military personnel experiencing the invisible wounds of war: traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic brain injury stress (PTS). 

Learn more about us here.

Secondhand Hounds 

We Rescue Animals. We Commit to Our Animals through Adoption, Rehabilitation, and Hospice Care. We Inspire Change.

Learn more about us here.

DFW Rescue Me 

To provide a “new leash on life” by finding permanent and loving homes for lost, abused and abandoned dogs.

Learn more about us here.