Where We Manufacture

Dog Threads x BBQ Shirt | Matching Hawaiian Print Shirts for Dogs and People

Our Design Process

When we started our small, family-owned business in 2014, we decided on three main pillars of our business that we would stay true to. First was quality – with experience in women’s fashion and an appetite for dog clothes that mirrored clothes we would buy for ourselves, creating quality clothes for our furry family members was a top priority. Second was fun design – to be honest, we weren’t sure this was ever going to be a legitimate business, so we decided to have fun with it from the start, choosing prints and styles we knew would make people and their dog's happy. Third was transparent design & manufacturing – as important as quality and design are, we truly believe that telling your customers where and how you design and manufacture your clothes not only provides insight into your business, but helps customers understand and relate to your company and mission.
Fun Matching Hawaiian Print Shirts for Family and Dog


All of our products are designed by us and tested by Thomas. We're dedicated to creating quality clothing that is comfortable and long-lasting. Each shirt is made to human grade with top notch finishings and fabric — because our dogs aren't just our pets but our family members.

Dog Threads | Quality Dog Clothing Made in the USA

Locally Made in MN

Dog Threads strives to keep jobs in the Minnesota by hiring local seamstresses to create our limited edition designs and small-batch exclusive collaborations. Not only do we love and appreciate the relationships we have formed with each individual artisan that we work with but it is also fuels our inspiration and allows us to keep a close eye on the quality of our products.
Dog Threads Dog Clothing Made in Minnesota

California Love

Some of our most popular styles have become well known as our BBQ Shirts — a collection of matching Hawaiian print shirts for dogs, men, women, and children. We source our tropical fabrics from not only a surf legend but the creator of the infamous Magnum PI Red Hawaiian Print Shirt. All of our BBQ Shirts are now made with good vibes on the sunny coast of California. Thomas travels back to his roots in CA often to check on our production and gather fresh inspiration for our new collections.
Hawaiian Print Dog Shirts and Matching Human Shirts Made in CA