10 Stylish Dog Beds To Match Your Pup + Your Home

10 Stylish Dog Beds To Match Your Pup + Your Home

Every dog has their own unique personality. Your pup may like the outdoors and going for a hike in the sun — or maybe they like to stay at home and relax. Either way we have found a wonderful selection of beds to match your dog's personality and the style of your home.

The Top Dog is the best of the best. Built with sturdy metal, a geometric design, and a luxurious cushion, this is the pet bed of your dog's dreams. A Pet Bed by Whom Home, the North American manufacturer of sustainable, handmade home furniture and decor.

1. Modern Pup

Any dog who is drawn to sleek and modern design will love this Alpha Pet Bed from Whome. You can even customize the fabric and metal finish.

Highlands™ Sleeping Bag | Insulated Warmth & Comfort For Dogs | Ruffwear

2. Campy Pup

If you and your dog love to go on adventures in the outdoors Ruffwear has you covered. Their Highland Dog Sleeping Bag will keep them warm and cozy when you take those well deserved rest stops.

Hertel Dog Sofa

3. Antique Lover

Some pups are more drawn to the elegance and details of old. There probably aren't many authentic antique dog beds to be found but this Hertel Dog Sofa will surely be the next best thing.

Sofa Dog Bed

4. Couch Potato

Sometimes your pup just need a big fluffy couch to burrow into. This Sofa Dog Bed from Grandin Road is perfect for those lazy days in front of the TV. Especially when they are not in the mood to share the couch with you!

Lamai Woven Pet Bed

5. Bohemian Pup

The Lamai Woven Pet Bed is a beautiful option for the Bohemian pup. It is handwoven with 3 sides to give your pup a little more security.

6. Senior Pups

When you have an older pup they can develop arthritis, hip dysplasia or other health conditions. It can be hard to find a dog bed with support but the Elderly Pet Blog has done some great research and found some wonderful options.

Jayna Dog Sofa

7. Posh Pup

For the pup with style! This gorgeous Jayna Dog Sofa from Perigold is a great choice for the pup who loves the finer things in life.

Convertible Dog Float | FUNBOY X BARK

8. Pool Pup

If your pup loves to spend their days at the pool soaking up the rays they are going to love this Dog Float from Bark Shop. If you share the same passion for pool leisure check out this matching float from Funboy

9. Eco Friendly Pup

For the Eco-conscious pups, we have you covered! Our Upcycled Dog Bed Duvets are made from scrap fabric, and can be padded with blankets found in your home. We also donate a dog bed for every duvet sold, so your pup can help out pups that are less fortunate.

Boho Gray dog teepee bed with pom poms. Personalized pet image 3

10. Whimsical Pup

Even if your fur baby isn't a "pup" anymore, they will always be your little baby. We love these dreamlike Teepee Pet beds from Dog and Teepee. They remind us of the magical wonderment of being a child.

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