10 Fun Brain Games for Dogs

Its the post holiday season, and things are winding down. With less activities planned, and the weather keeping you indoors, your pup can become bored. 

Brain Games are a fun way to combat that boredom, improve concentration, and stop your dog from developing behavioral problems. Added bonus is, its a good way to bond and spend time with your pup.

1. Food Dispensing Toys

There are many options out there for every dog. We love The Game from Fable Pets. The Game is designed to imitate the experience of hunting, and can hold 1.5 cups of food. It is a great way to mentally stimulate your pup, and also provide your pup with physical activity.

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2. The Which Hand Game

The which hand game is pretty easy for any dog to learn. All you need to do is hide one of your pup's favorite treats in your left or right hand. Then show both of your fists, closed, to your dog. Have your dog sniff both your hands, and guess which hand the treat is hiding in. Whichever hand they place their nose on first is your dog’s guess. If they get it correct, release the treat.


3. The Shell Game

All you need for the shell game is a couple cups, and your dogs favorite treat or toy. Place the treat or toy under the cup and rotate them around, and let your pup guess which cup.

Check out Pawsh-Magazine for more tips and tricks.


4. Dog Puzzles

If DIY is not your thing, The Dog Casino by Nina Ottosson is an interactive dog puzzle that will keep your pup entertained and busy.


5. The Toy Name Game

The Toy Name Game is both a trick and a way to exercise your pup's brain. Just grab your pups favorite toy and pick a name. This trick can be a bit more challenging, but The Dog Training Secret has some great tips to help you out.


6. The Muffin Tin Game

Fill a muffin tin with treats and cover them with tennis balls. Your dog will have to use their nose and their memory skills to remember which treats they've grabbed from the muffin tin. They will have to get creative to remove the balls from the muffin tin to reveal the treats. For more instructions visit The Cheerful Hound.


7. Obstacle Course

Building an obstacle course can be a fun activity for the whole family, and everything you need can be found in your home. To find creative ways to build your obstacle course check out Animal Wellness.


8. Hot & Cold Game

When playing the hot & cold game you will use your words and vocal tone to assist your dog in finding hidden treats & toys. Just hide a treat, and while they are searching for it use a calm tone for when your pup is far, and when they are getting closer use a more excited tone. It is a perfect game for improving listening and problem solving skills.

9. Treat in a Plastic Bottle

Check out The Owner Builder Network for instructions on how to make this easy and affordable DIY project. Once you are finished assembling, your pup will be fully entertained.


10. Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is not a brain game, but  it is a way for dogs to use their excellent sense of smell and can also be a calming activity for them. Plus you can make one at home by checking out The Honest Kitchen's easy instructions. 

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