10 Shark Tank Product Gift Ideas

10 Shark Tank Product Gift Ideas

Over the years Shark Tank has featured aspiring entrepreneurs. and we have compiled a list of a few of the amazing creations and inventions that have been featured on Shark Tank. There is sure to be something for everyone in your life!


 1. Circadian Optics

For anyone who works in a windowless office, or are affected by the short winter days, Circadian Optics light therapy lamps are a must have. Circadian Optics lamps use LED lights, while filtering out the dangerous UV Rays to mimic sunlight. They boost your mood, energy, and reset your body's internal clock to achieve some high quality zzz's.

2. ēdn 

ēdn is perfect for anyone who wants the company of a house plant, but needs a little assistance. The ēdn technology allows you to have a green thumb by helping you care for your plant, through an app, by alerting you when your plant needs water or light, and giving you tips along the way.


3. Bala Bangles

Bala Bangles are great addition to any work out. At one pound each, these stylish bangles add a comfortable resistance to your regular workout, or your daily activities. 


4. Rocketbook

The Rocketbook is a green alternative to paper. The Rocketbook system connects traditional handwriting surfaces with the power of the cloud. Combine their extensive line of reusable notetaking products with their free app. Its fun to use, and you also to get to save a few trees.

 Inflatable Travel HoodiePillow® - HoodiePillow® Brand Pillowcase and Hooded Travel Pillow
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5. Hoodie Pillow

The Hoodie Pillow combines the support of a neck pillow, and the cozy vibes of a hoodie into an essential travel item for any globetrotting wanderer. 

6. Fizzics

Fizzics uses Micro-Foam Technology to convert your favorite cans or bottles of beer into a nitro-style draft. By applying sound waves to convert the beer’s natural carbonation into an ideal Micro-Foam. These uniformed, tiny-sized bubbles create the perfect density that delivers an enhanced aroma & flavor.


7. Smart Buddies

Smart Buddies are a line of friendly self-balancing robots and action characters that engage and encourage kids to learn to code, and a perfect way to take a break from the screen. 

8. Surprise Cake

Surprise Cake has created fun gadgets to make cake even more exciting than it already is! The Popping Cake Stand is spring loaded with a container big enough to hold a cellphone. Presents of all kinds can be hidden in the cake and, with the pull of a ring, revealed at exactly the right moment.

9. Moki Doorstep

The Rightline Gear Moki Door Step provides access to your vehicle’s roof simply by hooking over the u-shaped door latch in each of your vehicle’s doors. It makes it a breeze to load and strap down car top cargo, boxes, canoes, kayaks, skis, or mikes. A must have for any camping trip.

10. Moment

Moment is meditation in a can. Made with natural ingredients, it helps you gently reset and clear your mind. 




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