10 Holiday Gifts for Your Dog in 2022 That Won’t Disappoint

10 Holiday Gifts for Your Dog in 2022 That Won’t Disappoint

Treat them nice, even if they’ve been naughty.

If there was any doubt the holiday season is upon us, the 5 continuous days of snow in Minneapolis – where Dog Threads’ office is located – has made it abundantly clear. And the annual rituals that accompany the season are in full swing – the sounds of Andy Williams, Michael Buble and Bing Crosby filling houses, stores and long commutes with our favorite holiday songs. The smell of egregiously expensive candles spreading scents of pine and spice in kitchens far and wide. And the distinct look of hopelessness in homeowners’ eyes as they string together lights with frozen hands and attempt to climb slippery ladders with confidence, while swearing to start earlier next year.

And you know what? We love it all. Mostly…

Somewhere between making your 10th  batch of holiday cookies (because your kids, spouse and dog keep eating the ones meant for your upcoming party..) and asking the neighborhood kids to stop making one light-up deer mount the other in your front yard… we remember how good it feels to find that one, perfectly thoughtful gift for our friends and family. The one that we know will bring a smile to their face, creating a lasting memory… or just avoid being put in the ever-growing returns pile by the back door.

And if there is one friend and family member that deserves a special holiday gift, it’s the one who never talks back, never has one-too-many cocktails and embarrasses you at your company holiday party, and never poops on your living room floor (ok, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad). Your dog deserves something special this year and we’ve got a list of 10 holiday gifts that both you and your dog will love.


1. Dog Threads Matching Pajamas for Dog and Owner

 girl and puppy in matching red plaid fleece pajamas

Add a dose of holiday cheer with Dog Threads’ best-selling pajamas featured in the Hallmark Gift Guide. The best part about these adorable jammies is that they aren’t just for your pup – the entire family can spend holiday mornings (and afternoons… no judging here) matching in fleece, waffle or cotton pajamas. Get cozy, have a cup of coffee (or wine) and take a holiday photo together – creating lasting memories along the way. The best part is that when you order from Dog Threads, you're also donating to help care for homeless dogs in need. Part of every purchase is donated to a non-profit animal rescue.


2. Burlap Dog Bone Stocking

 red and tan burlap dog bone stockings

Treat your dog to a fun surprise on Christmas morning. These adorable dog stockings are sewn of a classic holiday fabric - burlap - in the shape of a bone with velvet piping and a monogram patch. And of course, you can personalize each stocking with your fur baby’s name, making sure they know they are as important (and better behaved) than the rest of the family.


3. The Santa Land Reversible Harness

 pug in santa print green harness

Take a walk on the festive side with not one, but two fun harness prints! The Lucy and Co. reversible holiday harness is perfect for pups that like to switch up their style with minimal effort. It looks good and it moves well too: made from durable neoprene on both sides, this harness is water repellant and easy to care for.


4. Funny (and slightly naughty) Dog Tags

 blue dog tag that says "breakin' hearts and blastin' farts"

Let your dog tell it like it is, with a funny pet tag from Bad Tags. Sure to bring a smile to anyone with a sense of humor, these dog tags range from silly to downright hilarious. Our personal favorite features the saying "Breaking Hearts and Blasting Farts,” but make sure to check out their entire collection, as we are sure there they have the perfect tag for your little buddy.


5. Dog Threads Matching Holiday Sweaters

 family in matching fair isle sweaters with small dog

Perfect for cold days, holiday parties or just lounging around the house, these charming holiday sweaters by Dog Threads featuring a fair isle forest landscape with hints of green, blue, and gold throughout. And of course, these amazing sweaters come in a wide range of sizes for both hounds and humans. They are created with a chunky knit that will keep you and your pup warm this holiday season. 


6. Stainless Steel, Non-Slip Dog Bowl

 matching green dog bowls

Functional and fashionable – these sturdy, food-grade stainless steel dog bowls are not only incredibly stylish, but they are non-slip and dishwasher safe. So if you’re sick of finding dog food in every corner of your kitchen, these bowls from Wild One are perfect for your permanent (and often manner-free) dinner guest. Plus, you can personalize them with up to 26 characters and up to 10 custom emojis.


7. Dog DNA Test Kit

 dog sitting next to dna test kit box

If you’re the proud parent of a rescue dog and simply guess the answer to the question “OMG, they are so cure – what kind are they?” – then a DNA Test Kit from Embark is a sure-fire gift this holiday season. And while you might think this gift is more for you than your dog, you’d be surprised at the difference in recommended diet and lifestyle for different breeds. So if you finally want to know whether you’re kiddo is a sheep hound or a basset hound (ok, just open your eyes for that one, but you get it…), make this gift a priority in 2022.


8. Fleece Tie Dye Dog Hoodie

 small dog in a tie dye fleece hoodie

This tie-dye hoodie not only feels amazing for your dog, but it pays homage to the international man of mystery, the groovy spy who shagged; the one and only, Austin Powers. It's simply Groovy Baby. Head on over to Little Beast to check out the three different colors for these unique sweatshirts.


Well, that wraps up (get it…) our 2022 Holiday gift guide for your favorite family member. If you didn’t see something you like, checkout our entire collection of matching dog and human clothing, as well as accessories at Dog Threads. And remember, there’s no doubt about it - they’ve been naughty, but you can still be nice.

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