Adopt Don't Shop — Why It's Important To Adopt Your Next Pet

When we started Dog Threads, our small, family-owned business in 2014, we knew that we wanted to do more than just create fun apparel that people and their pets could enjoy. Like us, our customers were lucky enough to have a dog that they considered family, or maybe even a few! No matter how you found your pets, they deserve the loving home that you have given them — and they most likely show you how grateful they are daily with their unwavering loyalty. While we honor everyone's choice on whether adopting a pet is right for your family, it is important that we shed light on the animal homelessness issue in the world, and as a company, we want to do what we can by bringing awareness to the topic.

With over 70 million homeless dogs and cats in the U.S. alone struggling to survive (Peta), we hope you'll consider adoption the next time you are looking to add a furry member to your family.

Since day one, we've donated 2% of our sales to nonprofit animal rescues across the world to assist in their life-saving efforts. These organizations are made of heroes and with each Dog Threads purchase we've been able to donate to help their cause, so thank you to our customers!

Are you an animal lover that wants to help homeless pups and cats in need? Here are 3 ways that you can get involved with the #ADOPTDONTSHOP campaign and movement.



When you choose to adopt a pet instead of purchasing from a breeder you are not only saving a life, but you are becoming an advocate for ending commercial breeding practices (puppy mills). What are puppy mills? "Puppy mills are massive "factory style" breeding operations where hundreds of dogs are kept in filthy, deplorable living conditions without proper food, water, veterinary care, or human interaction. The sole purpose of a puppy mill is to mass-produce puppies and sell them for monetary gain. There is no regard for the welfare of the breeding stock or the puppies that are produced. Puppies from puppy mills are often seriously ill, poorly socialized, and many times suffer from life-threatening congenital defects as a result of being poorly bred.  Tragically, too, the breeding stock lives their whole lives being bred over and over, and when they are no longer profitable, are simply discarded - either abandoned, sold at auction, or killed. National pet store chains that sell puppies take great pains to advertise that their puppies are from reputable breeders, but it has been proven time and time again that is not the case. Reputable breeders will never sell their puppies to a pet store." - Hinsdale Humane Society


2. Neuter/ Spay Your Pets

You can make a difference in the number of homeless animals by simply neutering or spaying your pet. Plus, by doing so, there are other added health benefits for your pet which you can read about here.


3. Donate to Your Local Nonprofit Animal Rescue

Not ready to adopt? Donate or volunteer your time at your local nonprofit animal rescue or shelter! They are always in need of helping hands, and you'll likely get to enjoy a little furry friend time too!


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