Fall Things: Electra's Picks

Fall Things: Electra's Picks

1. Hyde & EEK! Holiday Birds

Love these cute little birds. I have a little collection going, and every year I add 1 (or 2) more to my collection :)

2. On The Bluffs Sherpa

Our new Sherpa jackets are fun, colorful, and the perfect lightweight jacket for fall.

3. Yarn Ghosts

I enjoy hobbies that I can do that are relaxing and I can personalize and be creative with. Yarn ghosts are an easy craft and make a fun gift.

4. Flewd Stress Care

Sometimes a good way to distress is a nice relaxing bath. I love the Flewd Bath treatments as they add magnesium and extra vitamins to ease tension and reduce stress.


5. Brie, Apple and Cranberry Grilled Cheese

Delicious treat for the beginning of fall.

5. Teddy's Man Bun

I have worked with Teddy the past couple years and I think this is his best look ;)

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