10 Activities To Do With Your Pup This Fall

Fall is a wonderful time to spend with your pup, as the weather cools down and nature puts on a colorful display. Here are 10 fun activities you can do with your furry friend this fall:

1. Leaf Pile Playtime: Rake up a pile of leaves in your yard or a local park and let your pup jump and play in them. Just make sure there are no hidden dangers that might poke your pup — this is a great enrichment exercise for your pup. 

2. Nature Hikes: Explore the beautiful fall foliage on nature hikes or walks in nearby forests or trails. Remember to keep your dog on a leash and bring essentials like water and poop bags.

3. Pumpkin Patch Visit: Many pumpkin patches are dog-friendly and this a great way to have your pups come with you on your fall adventures. Take your pup along to pick out a pumpkin or simply enjoy the festive atmosphere.

4. Apple Picking: Visit an apple orchard and let your pup accompany you as you pick apples. Dogs often love the scent of ripe apples, and you can share a few bites with them (remove the seeds and core first).

5. Brewery Visits: A lot of breweries here in the midwest are dog-friendly and offer outdoor seating so you can enjoy a  beer or two with your pup by your side. You might even find a offer dog-friendly menus.

6. Costume Dress-Up: Get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up your pup in a cute or funny costume. Just make sure they're comfortable and safe in it.

7. Fall Photo Shoot: Capture the beauty of the season with a fall-themed photoshoot with your pup. Use fallen leaves, pumpkins, or other seasonal props as backdrops.

8. Camping Trip: If you enjoy camping, bring your pup along for a camping adventure. Camping in the fall often means fewer bugs and cooler temperatures.

9. Homemade Dog Treats: Spend a cozy day indoors baking homemade dog treats with fall flavors like pumpkin or apple. Your pup will appreciate the tasty rewards.

10. Snuffle Mats: Snuffle mats can serve as an alternative to a dog bowl for fast eaters. Not only are they a great way how to make your dog eat more slowly, but they can also supplement exercise, reduce anxiety, and provide a fun activity for your dog.

Remember to consider your pup's safety and comfort during these activities. Ensure they are up-to-date on vaccinations, have proper identification, and are well-behaved in public settings. Also, keep an eye on the weather and dress your dog appropriately, especially if it gets chilly. Enjoy your fall adventures with your furry friend!

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