Good Thomas: A Brand Story

Good Thomas: A Brand Story

If you’ve followed us for quite some time then you might have noticed a little guy named Thomas hanging around. He’s had many looks throughout the years mostly all cute, only a few questionable variations. Thomas is actually the reason Dog Threads + Dog Club Social exist today. 


A photo of Thomas, a small white and grey long-haired dog, in a blue and white flannel shirt sitting in front of a wrack of hanging dog clothes


To get to know him better we have to go back to the start. Gina and Thomas were inseparable and then Scott came along and was lucky enough to join the pack. As you can tell he loved to wear clothes but there weren’t a lot of good options for his human-like personality. Gina, being a designer herself, decided to create Thomas's wardrobe from scratch but she added a matching shirt for herself and Scott. This decision would be life changing because everyone started asking where she got her matching set from. 


The more times Thomas, Gina and Scott wore their shirts out the more it became obvious they needed to start making more and fast. That’s when Dog Threads was born. Gina needed some help along the way so she hired the OG Dog Threads employee Electra but it wasn't until 2017 when Gina turned Dog Threads from her hobby to her full time passion and business. With Thomas by her side modeling all of their designs things started to really pick up.


Mom, dad, baby, and small dog standing outside in front of some trees all wearing matching red and black buffalo plaid shirts


Fast forward to June of 2018 and Thomas would become an older brother to Ziggy and they immediately bonded. Unfortunately their time together was cut short and Thomas would cross the rainbow bridge in November 2018. Gina and Scott were devastated after losing Thomas but they would keep his legacy alive through each and every design. Gina would then apply to a tv show that would open so many doors.


After applying to be on Shark Tank with her husband Scott in December of 2018 months would go by and Gina heard nothing so she moved on. As time passed Gina and Scott had been looking to adopt their next pup after losing Thomas but weren’t in a rush because no one could replace the hole he left. When Mother’s Day of 2019 rolled around Gina had seen a picture of a little scruffy pup in the background of an adoption listing for other available dogs. It was love at first sight and Jonesy would then go from a  homeless pup in Texas to finding his forever home in Minnesota. 

 Photo of several rescue dogs with a focus on a little white scruffy pup in the background who Gina would adopt and name Jonesy


Not even a month later Gina and Scott would get a call from Shark Tank producers a week before their first son Ziggy’s birthday that they would need to fly out to California to pitch to the sharks… and well they had to go.


Scott and Gina on Shark Tank shaking hands with Mark Cuban


After Gina and Scott pitched to the sharks they made an on-air deal with Mark Cuban for a 250,000 loan with a 25% stake in the company. Several months later the deal would fall through leaving Gina and Scott frustrated but with a new sense of perseverance. The traffic from Shark Tank was ultimately amazing and the small but mighty Dog Threads family would continue to grow adding Gina and Scott’s second child Avon to the mix in 2020. The pandemic was tough but Dog Threads was able to still create fun and new designs for all the pups and their people relaxing at home. 


Justin Bieber sitting on a sofa drinking a glass of red wine next to his small white dog named Oscar both wearing matching red tropical shirts. The caption "screaming!!" is placed along the top of the photo.


Then…drumroll please…Justin Bieber would be seen wearing our Vintage Vacay Tropical BBQ set that would land us in Vogue. When Hailey Bieber posted the picture of Justin and their pup Oscar on her Instagram story it was a huge moment for us, and, well, we were star struck. Later that same year in June of 2021, Gina would add Zèa and Teddy the doodle to our team to help manage all of the crazy projects we had going on.  

Just like that, 2021 came and went and we knew we had to create a new lifestyle brand for dog people and their pups so we launched Dog Club Social — we're on a mission to help homeless pups find their forever homes. The year of 2022 was a year of growth building an amazing community of cool dog parents and we were also able to add design extraordinaire Hannah to the team! 


Thomas logo icons throughout the years. From left to right it shows ones from 2014, 2020, and 2023 to show the changes to his look.

Without Thomas we wouldn’t have been able to be on this amazing journey. As we launch our new brand Good Thomas we hope you stick around and help us keep this good boy’s legacy alive. Coming soon. 

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