How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

Fireworks are a staple of summertime fun, and while humans love to sit and stare at the beautiful display in the sky, your pup is probably going to feel very differently. The loud sound of fireworks are fear inducing and can cause anxiety in dogs. 

The good news is there are effective tips on how you can keep your pup zen during the summertime fireworks.


1. Collar & Leash

There is a 30% increase in lost dogs between July 4th-July 6th. This is because the sound of fireworks can trigger a dog's survival instinct. Their number one defense is to run! That's why it is necessary to either have your pup on a leash or tucked away in a safe secure place like a crate. Consider a NiteyLeash for extra safety.

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2. Desensitize

Find a video on Youtube of firework sounds and play it on low a couple times a week. Everyday you play it, slowly increase the volume. While the video is playing do all your pups favorite activities. This will train your pup to associate the once scary sounds of fireworks - to things that are not so scary - thus making fireworks not scary!

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3. Exercise

If you are planning an evening of fireworks, keep your pup busy during the day. Staying active throughout the day will burn energy that would otherwise be turned into anxiety.

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4. Safe Space

Whether you stay home or enjoy going to see fireworks in person always have a safe haven for your pup. This will give them comfort so they do not feel too threatened. A crate or cozy blanket to curl up in will do just fine.

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5. Treats & Toys

Give your pup their favorite toy or treat and they may be too distracted to even give the fireworks a second thought.

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6. Wrap or Thundershirt

Creating a wrap like the one here on Bark Post helps keep your pup calm similar to swaddling a baby. If a homemade wrap is not something you comfortable making check out the Thundershirt. People swear by its calming effects.

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7. Anxiety Pills

Some pups may need a little more help in managing their fear of fireworks. If this is the case talk with your vet and ask if an anxiety pill might be a good option to help sooth your pups anxiety. Or check out Thunderworks Hemp Calming Chews (always remember to check with your vet.)

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8. Calming Noises

Studies have shown that playing music does wonders in reducing stress in dogs. So if you live close to fireworks its a great idea to turn on some tunes and drown out those scary noises. Preventive Vet has some great tips on how to use music to soothe your (less than savage) pups soul.

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9. Close the Curtains & Windows

Sometimes something as simple as closing windows and curtains can help. This will muffle the sound and hide the flashing lights. 

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10. Water

Dogs tend to pant a lot more when they are anxious, which in turn makes them more thirsty. Be sure to have plenty of water on hand.


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11. Stay Home

If none of these seem to help, and your pups stress is causing you stress, consider staying home. Have some ice cream turn on some of your favorite tunes, and give the dog a bone!


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