10 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day — The Dog Lover Edition

10 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day — The Dog Lover Edition

Picking out the perfect gift is not always easy, especially for Mother's Day — the woman that does it all. We love a good gift guide and decided to do the work for you! Here's our top 10 gift ideas for the animal lover on Mother's Day or Dog Mom's Day.

1. Personalized Mugs

You can never have too many mugs, and this one is sure to put a smile on her face every time she takes a coffee or tea break. Bonus, these personalized mugs can be designed to look like Mom and Fur baby (or Fur babies).

2. Custom Portrait

Etsy is a great place to explore. There are so many unique gifts for dog lovers and anyone that appreciates homemade products. Levy’s Friend’s on Etsy will illustrate a picture of the dog mom and pup in your life — making a memorable piece of artwork that they can cherish forever.

3. Dog Mom Baseball Cap

Because they're not like a regular mom, they're a DOG MOM! This is a cute and affordable gift for the trendy dog mom in your life — available only at Lucy & Co.

4. Dasher Dog Table Lamp

What better gift than a Dachshund lamp for the interior design obsessed dog lover. Definitely a conversational piece in any home or office.

5. Personalized "Where is Waldo-Inspired" Dog Book

For any Where is Waldo fans or someone who just likes to nostalgic gifts. Yappy has many great personalized gift ideas — but we are totally charmed by their "Where is Dog's Name" book.

6. Custom Dog Ears T-Shirt

You can never have enough t-shirts! Barkley and Wagz will create a tattoo-inspired outline of your cute pup's ears and put them on a t-shirt that you can show off around town.

7. Furbo Dog Cam

For the techie in your life! This dog camera allows you to see and talk to your dog when you are not home — it will even dispense treats!

8. Custom Dog Pin

A simple yet sweet gift for the dog lover in your life — a custom made pin of their pup's face.

9. DNA Dog's Breed Test

Does your dog mom often wonder where her pup came from? A DNA dog's breed test will help with that! This thoughtful gift will tell her more about her fur baby's background and strengthen their bond even further.

10. Matching Stripe T-Shirts

A little biased — but our matching outfits make for a fun + practical gift for any dog mom and her fur baby.

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